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one click logo crossed out and pointing to Rbdigital logo

OneClick digital audiobooks are now RBdigital.

OneClick digital have already rebranded to the RBdigital website. Please register via the RBdigital website before downloading the app.


Borrowbox eBooks and eAudiobooksBolinda Digital

Bolinda Digital is Australia’s top publisher of eBooks and eAudiobooks with more than 3500 best-selling publications for you to borrow, download and enjoy. Great for Australian eBooks.

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Overdrive eBooks an aAudiobooksOverDrive

The OverDrive collection offers over 1950 eBooks including Chinese language eBooks.

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RB Digital logoRBdigital

Choose from over 1200 popular eAudiobooks. With no queues, you'll never wait for an eAudiobook again making RBdigital perfect for book clubs.

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ComicsPlus digital comicsComicsPlus

Download digital versions of around 16,000 new and classic comics from 93 publishers, with new material added every week. No loan limits, holds or waiting. If you have an existing Zinio account, you can use your log in and password to access ComicsPlus, or you can set up a new account.

Download the ComicsPlus App for iOS An Android version is currently in production.