Energy Saving Devices

Save money on electricity, heating and cooling by borrowing from our collection of energy-saving devices.

• Check the energy usage of your appliances
• Check for drafts and gaps, and hot and cold spots
• Try different methods for making it easy to switch off
• Try solar alternatives to charge your devices

You can reserve any of these items by clicking on the links below.


FLIR One Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR One extends the limits of the human eye by translating invisible thermal energy into dynamic colour images. We have versions available for iPhone and iPads and for Android smartphones and tablets.



Infrared thermometer

Try this cool non-contact thermometer for measuring surface temperatures of anything, anywhere. Just point, pull the trigger and read the temperature on the display. Use it to find draughts and thermal leaks in your house and save on heating bills.



Foot switch

Stop crawling under the desk to find the main power switch. The big, foot-operated button turns all your appliances off or on ‘at the wall’ , saving standby power. Includes surge protection.


Future switch power saving device

Eliminate all your standby power usage with one click using this wireless remote switch.




Energy saving powerboard

An easy way to reduce your power bill. This board automatically senses when an appliance is shut down, and cuts off the power.



Light meter

Is your house too brightly lit? Save energy and money by testing lux (light) levels around your house.




This useful gadget measures the power drawn by appliances around the home. Great for comparing appliances, and estimating running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.



Eco Button

A simple way to save power without turning off your computer. Eco button is designed to put your computer into the most efficient sleep mode possible, with a single click.