Interlibrary Loans

During the temporary closure, inter-library loans are not available.

Have greater access to items with LibraryLink Victoria

If an item is not available at Yarra Libraries or any of our Swift libraries, members can search public and academic libraries through  LibraryLink Victoria. You can use your Yarra Libraries membership to request an interlibrary loan, and have items delivered to the branch of your choice.

To log in to the LibraryLink Victoria website:

  • Sign in with your Yarra Libraries barcode number and PIN
  • Choose Yarra Libraries as the 'Authentication Service'

Tips for borrowing through LibraryLink Victoria

 Please ensure that your contact details are up to date.

Note that we cannot request books that have been published within the last 12 months, however you can recommend that the library purchase recently published items by using our Send A Request item form at the top-right corner of the catalogue.

  • Limits and charges may apply
  • A standard charge of $18.00 (GST inclusive) will apply for any items that incur a direct charge, usually those which are requested from university, state or special libraries
  • Items borrowed from the National Library of Australia and State libraries may only be viewed within the library and are not able to be taken home
  • Items might take 4 weeks to arrive and you will be notified when the item is ready for collection
  • All requests will receive a response

Interlibrary loan renewals

You cannot automatically renew items borrowed through Interlibrary loan. If you do want to renew the loan, you will need to apply for a renewal at least seven days before the due date. This can be done though the LibraryLink Victoria website, by calling Yarra Libraries on 1300 695 427 or by visiting your local branch.