Library of Things

The Future is Here. Electrify Everything!

Yarra City Council is proudly working with over 60 councils across Australia to launch the Electrify Everything campaign. As part of this campaign, Yarra Libraries is launching a Library of Things to help you discover how energy efficient your home is, how to save power with cooking and more. 

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional materials including gadgets, tools, kits, electronics, and more — all available to check out for free with a library card. Want to try before you buy, or find out how energy efficient your home is? Explore the collection below.

 Induction cooktop

Portable Induction Cooktop 

Induction cooktops are faster, more reliable and cheaper to operate than gas stoves or conventional electric hotplates. With induction cooking being more efficient than traditional methods with up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption. Try out one of our two portable Induction Cooktops to see if making the switch is right for you.

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 A collection of energy saving devices which are in the kit

Energy Efficiency Kit

The kits contain easy to use tools and information to help you learn about your home's energy efficiency and plan how to save energy, reduce emissions and save money.

In each kit you will find:

  • A Power-Mate™ Lite Energy Monitor that measures how much electrical power is being used by an appliance
  • An Energy Saving Thermometer to check whether the temperature of your rooms, fridge and freezer are set to the most energy efficient ranges
  • A Non-contact Thermometer measuring the temperature of an object or surface using an infrared sensor
  • A Water Flow Measuring Cup to calculate flow rate and help save water
 A digital thermometer with 36.5 degrees displayed.

Infrared Thermometer

Measure the temperature of any surface from a safe distance with this compact sized non-contact thermometer. With a wide temperature range and laser targeting, this portable instrument is easy to use for quick and accurate temperature checking of any surface. With an 12:1 distance to spot size, you can get the temperature of almost the exact spot in most cases. With the backlight, the temperature can be read in low light conditions.

 Two Thermal Imaging Cameras for iPhone  

Thermal Imaging Camera

Explore the world around you in ways you never thought possible, with no additional cords, cases, devices or screens necessary. Connect your FLIR ONE to your smartphone or tablet to transform it into a thermal camera.

Who can borrow a Thing?
Due to the unique nature of these materials, only full-service library members can borrow an item from the Library of Things collection. A full-service library card is available to anyone in Victoria. Join online for a digital membership (then visit a library with some ID to upgrade to a full membership), or visit a branch to become a member.

How to borrow your Thing
All Things must be picked up at and returned to a Yarra Libraries branch during serviced hours. Items can be ordered via our catalogue and can be collected from any Yarra Libraries branch. Things can be borrowed for three weeks at a time, with the possibility of renewal if the Thing is not in demand. High demand items may have their borrowing time shortened. 

How to return your Thing
Things are loaned in bags or tubs with multiple pieces. They must be returned in full to a Yarra Libraries branch during serviced hours. Things cannot be returned through overnight/external return chutes.