The Strange World of Library Music

Tuesday 18 July 2017

The mysterious field of library music has been a constant resource for hip-hop producers, experimental artists and period-piece scavengers alike.

Library music (aka production or stock music) is music recorded in a multitude of contexts and styles by composers and musicians who remain relatively anonymous, owned by music-library labels, and lent out to enterprises in TV, radio, and film to create the theme tunes and sonic backgrounds.

From jazz and funk laced orchestral scores, dance floor soundtracks, sci fi sounds, beats, electronica, through to musique concrete, the library scene has produced a wealth of sound sampled by many of today's popular recording artists and film makers.

Join Joe Brnadic of 3RRR's Astral Glamour, library music collector James Piañta of The roundtable label and David Rietmen owner of Licorice pie records, as they delve into and explore the fascinating world of library music.

Event sponsored by the Thomas, Samuel & George Ewing Trust, Leaps and Bounds festival and the City of Yarra.

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Fitzroy Town Hall

Date and time:
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
Tuesday 18 July 2017

201 Napier St Fitzroy