Sensitive Storytime helping children

Thursday 19 July 2018


Sensitive Storytime is coming to all 5 Yarra Libraries branches. The program is helping children on the autism spectrum, and children with similar sensitivities, feel more comfortable and able to participate.

We are incorporating sensory aids to help children and carers benefit from regular storytime sessions in a more sensory controlled environment and without the crowds. Tools include a visual timer, schedule board with Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) cards and a sensory tent.

After her grandson experienced the benefits of this new approach, a local grandmother left us the following feedback: “My grandson has ASD, and has excellent receptive skills, but limited spoken language. He enjoyed this session because it enabled him to participate more and the PECS Cards helped him feel more included and (able to) participate fully”.

Sensitive Storytime has been made possible thanks to a training resource offered by AMAZE, the peak body for Autism in Victoria. We’ve been working with AMAZE to help refine the resource to help others run the program.

For more information about our upcoming Sensitive Storytime sessions, call 1300 695 427. 


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