Weekly Meet and Eat nourishing Fitzroy

Tuesday 17 July 2018


The weekly Meet and Eat at Fitzroy Food Centre invites community members to connect and learn from each other through food.

Participants get together in the community kitchen to cook a nutritious meal and then sit down and eat together.

“There’s a social elements to cooking together that is different from just sitting at a table eating,” said Peta Christensen, the Food Systems Team Leader from Cultivating Community who runs the lunches.”It can help create interactions and teamwork.”

Volunteers run the lunches and are on hand to prepare the ingredients and help participants with the recipes.

Dishes are chosen with a focus on healthy, affordable, seasonal eating and participants are encouraged to share recipes with the group, allowing them to get to know each other and experience different cultures through food.

Meet and Eat received one of Yarra Council’s 2018 Annual Grants.

The 2019 Annual Grants program is now open. You can receive funding and support for community initiatives that promote connectedness and wellbeing across Yarra.


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