Developing a plan for our city's growth

Wednesday 05 September 2018

Developers would contribute to infrastructure upgrades and community facilities under a new plan to help provide for the needs of our growing city.

We are proposing to introduce a Development Contributions Plan to the Yarra Planning Scheme, which would require developers to pay a contribution towards essential city infrastructure like roads and footpaths, as well as community facilities (for example, a new community centre).

Each contribution would be spent within the area that the new development is built, to ensure that existing and future local residents benefit.

The plan would apply to all new residential dwellings (not renovation of existing residences) as well as commercial and industrial developments where new floor space is being added.

We have identified an extensive list of infrastructure projects that would be eligible to be funded under the program

As our population grows, so does the demand on our city’s infrastructure. This plan aims to ensure that developers make a fair contribution to our community.

The Development Contributions Plan planning scheme amendment (known as Amendment C238) is open to community feedback until 21 September 2018.

Find out more about the Development Contributions Plan and have your say. 


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