Clare Wright in conversation with Natasha Cica

Tuesday 29 January 2019

clare wright

As the first country to secure women the right to vote and stand for parliament, Australia led the way on one of the greatest moral issue of the early 20th Century. Yet this aspect of our history has largely been forgotten.

Clare Wright, award-winning historian, writer and public commentator, has made a career of shining light onto these forgotten aspects of Australian history. With You Daughters of Freedom she continues this work, bringing to life the women’s suffrage movement in Australia. Late last year we had the privilege of hosting her at Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library, where she discussed the book with Natasha Cica.

This is the great moment, the thing that women all over the world are united in, was this fight for the vote... because with the vote they’ll be able to change all these other things. Without the vote they are powerless.

Natasha Cica is the director of, former CEO of Heide Museum of Modern Art and founding director of the Ingliss Clarke Centre.

Clare Wright is an award-winning historian, writer and public commentator who has worked in politics, academia and the media. Her bestselling book, Beyond the Ladies Lounge: Australia’s Female Publicans, was published in 2003 and was followed in 2013 with The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. Based on a decade of archival research into women’s roles in the Eureka stockage, it won the Stella prize in 2014, and was adapted into the successful young adult title We Are the Rebels.

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