Receipt Poetry

Friday 25 October 2019

Yarra Libraries and Digital Writers' Festival invite you to add a shot of poetry to our receipts, turning our borrowing kiosks into a unique publishing platform.

Submit a short poem for the chance to have it published across our branches throughout November/December, alongside work by five writers chosen by the Digital Writers' Festival. Judges will also award one poet a $100 Readings voucher.

Before you submit, please be aware of the following Submission Guidelines

    • Limit of characters in a line is 41 (including spaces and punctuation),
         overhang will be edited to fit the next line     

    • All standard keyboard characters are accepted except & < >
         and non-English Latin script additions (e.g. ñ)        
    • Bold, underline and italics not accepted

    • Submissions should use spaces (i.e. spacebar key) instead of tabs (tab key) as the computer reads
         tabbing as a single space     

Work will be published, on a rotating basis, on receipts printed at our self-loan Checkout kiosks across Yarra Libraries branches.

Submission deadline is Monday 23 December.
Submissions will then be judged by Yarra Libraries and one writer will be awarded a $100 Readings voucher, to be notified in early January via email.

Work by five artists chosen by Digital Writers' Festival will be published from 29 October to 2 November. They are: Harold Legaspi (SYD), Rosalind Moran (CBR), Charlotte Raymond (MEL), Christy Tan (MEL) and Ella Jeffery (QLD).

More information is available in the submission form.








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