Children's illustration competition winners

Tuesday 08 December 2020

Winning entries in the illustration competition

The Ewing Trust, The Little Bookroom and Yarra Libraries are proud to announce the winners of our children’s illustration competition.

Delivered in celebration of CBCA Book Week 2020, we received over 60 entries all vying to create the most curious children’s book creatures ever! Our judging panel was blown away by the amazing imaginations displayed by entrants, and we awarded over $1000 worth in prizes.

Thanks to everyone that entered or took the time to watch our workshop on creating curious creatures with Lucinda Gifford.

We hope you continue to develop your drawing skills – whether that's through creating more curious creatures or otherwise. Without further ado, here are our winning creatures and runners up, along with their creators’ truly excellent, fantastical descriptions.

Pre-school winner: Aurora

Creature name: John

Description: My creature is called John. It is small and we can barely see it. He likes gardens and flowers, so he lives there. He has fluffy hair and a big shell at the back. He can hide himself in the shell when he is in danger.

Aurora's curious creature

Prep to Grade 2 winner: Tilman

Creature name: Three-eyed Draggit

Description: The stripes on the wings carry the blood around his wings. His spikes are the eggs that hatch into babies. If two or more spikes come off and they are different colours, it can create a multicoloured baby Draggit. The tail is a big ball of spikes made of lava. The Draggit spins around the ball comes off and smashes into other creatures if the creature is threatening the Draggit. When the Draggit wants it to stop, the babies touch the spikes and the Dad flaps his wings and that makes the ball attach back on the tail. The Draggit is actually friendly though and only attacks if being attacked.

Tilman's curious creature illustration

Grade 3-6 winner: Angus

Creature name: no name!

Description: My curious creature worries a lot about its hair, it stands high on a branch looking into a small mirror while brushing its hair for three hours a day. Although it looks like a bird it can't fly, it uses the suckers on its tentacles to climb trees.

Angus's curious creature illustration

These curious creatures all received runner up prizes

Runner up: Nina

Creature name: Netty

Description: It is a butterfly net that has come to life. The bunny is flying its donut shaped balloon and gets a fright when it thinks Netty is chasing it. A funny clown comes along and they all play together.

Nina's curious creature illustration

Runner up: Rosie

Creature name: Wednesday

Description: Wednesday is very clever and only comes out of her mansion at night because she loves to be surrounded by the night sky especially on starry nights. She likes growing plants like roses and her favourite meal for dinner is rose petals. When the plants die Wednesday buries them in her front yard.

Rosie's curious creature illustration

Runner up: Abuk

Creature name: Mister Joey

Description: My creature is called Mister Joey and he likes to eat ice cream and he likes to dance.

Abuk's curious creature illustration

Runner up: Helina

Name: Mr Saturn

Description: He likes to float in space. He can see anything and anyone. Mr Saturn has three mouths, four legs and 19 eyes, when he gets angry he is very very scary. Mr Saturn has an eye that came off when he was a kid but then he got surgery but now he is better.

Helina curious creature illustration

Runner up: James

Name: Carson

Description: It can go to any dimension and can also destroy the dimension if it wants to. Its most curious feature is his arms because they can teleport anywhere it wants them to go.

Curious creature illustration by James


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