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Friday 16 April 2021

Image of hand writing in book with the words "Yarra Literature Prize" written beneath in English and Chinese characters

The Melbourne Committee of Chinese Literature and Yarra Libraries are proud to announce the Yarra Literature Prize. We're looking for entries of unpublished fiction and non fiction (excluding poetry) with a word limit of 2000 words or less. 

You can enter your piece in English or Chinese language categories and our winners in each category will take home a $500 prize.

Submissions open 10am Monday April 19 and close 11.59pm Tuesday August 31 2021, so get writing and send us your work! 

Submission format:

  • 2000 words or less
  • PDF format with 12 point double spaced lettering
  • Up to two submissions each language category per applicant
  • Please do not list your name on the piece itself, add your name to the submission form only. This will allow our judges to assess the piece solely on its merits. For more information please contact [email protected]

Competition terms and conditions:

  • submissions are via the online submission form link here (a Google account is required to use this online form). Or via direct email to: [email protected]  - please include “Yarra Literature Prize submission” in the subject field of your email
  • the judging panel is formed of representatives from both Yarra Libraries and the Melbourne Committee of Chinese Literature
  • prize winners will be notified after September 20 2021 via a phone call and/or email. Only winners will be notified
  • prize is not open to employees of Yarra City Council and staff of the Melbourne Committee of Chinese Literature
  • judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into
  • by submitting an entry, you grant Yarra City Council and Melbourne Committee of Chinese Literature permission to display or publish your name and entry in whole or in part without fee. Copyright of the entry remains with the author
  • entrants agree to participate and cooperate as required in promotional activities relating to the competition, including but not limited to, being interviewed and photographed
  • personal information collected about entrants is done so for the purposes of including them in the competition and all use of this information will comply with the Yarra City Council Privacy Policy
  • Yarra Libraries and the Melbourne Committee of Chinese Literature reserve the right to not award the prize if submissions do not meet a high enough standard or quantity of entries


墨爾本寫作組委會與亞拉圖書館聯合舉辦亞拉文學獎徵文活動,含中文和英文兩語言類,主題不限,文章字數限2000字以內,須為未發表過的小說、散文或隨筆等,但不接受詩歌,內容可以虛構或非虛構。每個語言類設獲獎者一名,獎金各為澳幣$500元。從2021年4月19日10 AM起接受投稿,截止日期為2021年8月31日11:59 PM。


· 2000字以內。

· 字體請用12號, PDF格式。

· 參賽者每個語言類別最多可投兩篇稿。

· 不必在作品上署名,將名字和聯繫方式等寫到提交表格中。這將使我們的評委能夠僅憑作品質量來評估。 詳情可咨詢 [email protected]

徵文大賽具體條款和說明: · 投稿請通過網上表格進行, link here. 4月19日起見亞拉圖書館網站(須有一個Google帳戶才能上傳). 也可電郵[email protected] 郵件請註明”亞拉文學獎証文” 。

· 評委由亞拉圖書館與墨爾本寫作組委會共同組成。

· 獲獎者將於9月20日之後通過電話和/或電子郵件通知,只有獲勝者會收到通知。

· 亞拉市政府僱員和墨爾本寫作組委會相關工作人員不能參加投稿。

· 評委的決定是最終決定。除獲獎通知外不會發出其它信件。

· 亞拉市政府和墨爾本寫作組委會保留免費刊登和複製全部或部分參賽作品的權利,包括參賽者的姓名,參賽作品版權歸作者所有。

· 參賽者同意按照要求參加與大賽有關的活動並進行合作,包括但不限於接受采訪和拍照。

· 收集有關參賽者的個人信息只因大賽之需,嚴格遵守Yarra市的隱私權政策。

· 如果証文數量與質量達不到一定標準, 亞拉圖書館與墨爾本寫作組委本著寧缺勿濫,不予評出獲獎者。

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