Three ways libraries can help mental wellbeing

Monday 19 September 2022

A blue square tile features a smiling person in glasses alongside the words "I feel better at the library" and "When 60 percent of visitors say libraries are important to mental wellbeing" and "Libraries Change Lives"
Libraries are great for your mental health! This year's Victorian Public Library Survey found that 60 percent of visitors considered libraries important to mental wellbeing. To celebrate that, let’s look at three ways libraries can help your brain feel good!


With the pandemic seeing many of us spend more time at home, it’s easy to forget how good it can be to enjoy a shared community space. Even if you’re keeping to yourself, there can be something satisfying about being ‘alone together’.

On the other hand, if you feel up for a chat we’ve also started hosting weekly Chatty Café tables at our branches. These are designated tables where patrons can sit if they feel like having a chat with whoever’s around.

Our Chatty Cafes run from 11-1pm at the following days and locations:
Mondays - Fitzroy Library
Tuesdays - Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library
Wednesdays - Carlton Library
Thursdays - Richmond Library
Fridays - Collingwood Library

Lifelong learning

According to the Oxford Review of Education, Lifelong Learners report both a greater sense of confidence and a greater sense of purpose in life.

Luckily libraries are a great place to start learning again at any age. Your membership gives you free access to a variety of online learning resources allowing you to:
  • learn anything from Photoshop to database management at LinkedIn Learning
  • bone up on your Spanish language skills on the tram with Mango Languages
  • get writing feedback on your assignment, resume or cover letter with Studiosity
  • learn a new creative skill from a professional artist via video courses on CreativeBug

Our collections

Two photos of book displays in Yarra Libraries around mental wellbeing
We’ve got a vast collection of books both physical and digital that are related to mental wellbeing. In our branches you’ll find a lot of these in the Health section, but see our librarians if you ever need help tracking something down.

If you like to borrow books on the go here's some curated collections of books relating to mental wellbeing you can download for free!
Audiobooks on mental wellbeing
eBooks on mental wellbeing


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