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The following publications are available for sale from Yarra Libraries.

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Fitzroy history publications

Nicholson Street: a fashionable address


Fitzroy: Melbourne's First Suburb
*Only available for purchase at Fitzroy Library*

The Melbourne Fringe: a retrospective walk


North Fitzroy Conservation Study


South Fitzroy Conservation Study


Fitzroy: a descriptive bibliography


Social Justice Walk around Fitzroy


Gertrude Street, Fitzroy


Brunswick Street Lost and Found


Fitzroy Town Hall: the heart and soul of Fitzroy


Bitter roots, sweet fruit: a history of schools in Collingwood, Abbotsford and Clifton Hill
Karen T Cummings
Documents every school of every type that has existed in the former municipality of Collingwood, and describes how the schools, kindergartens and colleges fitted in to Victorian educational development and the social and economic history of Collingwood.

Dimmeys of Richmond: the rise and fall of a family business 2007
The history of the Dimmeys retail chain.

A Short History of Collingwood
General history of the former City of Collingwood for the full period of its existence.

Brimstone to Bunyip: Churches of Collingwood, Clifton Hill & Abbotsford
Richard Peterson
A survey of the historic development of all the known churches and their ancillary buildings that exist or are known to have existed in the former City of Collingwood
Contains walk route, location guide & sketch plans

Broken biscuits - the changing faces of Carlton
Mary Fisher. Collingwood: Yarra Melbourne Regional Library, 2005

Collingwood historical postcards
85c each or $8.25 set of 12

Copping it sweet: shared memories of Richmond
Watson, Catherine. Melbourne : City of Richmond, Carringbush Regional Library, 1988
A social history of Richmond tracing the changes from the nineteenth century through to the twentieth century. Copping it sweet draws on the memories of those who have lived their lives in Richmond to create a picture of an ever changing community as it passes through the wars, depression, post war boom and into the 1980s.

Hard yakka: 100 years of Richmond industry

"I should be glad if some oaks and elms were included": the Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill
Recollections and important dates relating to the history of the Darling Gardens Clifton Hill

In those days (Collingwood Remembered) 3rd ed
Recollections of life in the former City of Collingwood going back to the turn of the century, profitably read in conjunction with A Short History of Collingwood.

Kids' own journeys: stories, memories, jokes and travel tips by Melbourne Children
Kids' Own (Australia) Inc. 2004

Life in Collingwood today
A selection of black and white photos from the Bicentennial photographic competition held by the Collingwood Historical Society

Janet McCalman
Public and private life in Richmond 1900-1965, social history of working-class life in Richmond.

The Fitzroy Public Library 1877 - 1997: A History
Carole Woods
A history of the Fitzroy Library from its founding in 1877, as one of the oldest free public libraries in Australia.

Walking Along Rathdowne Street
Margaret Rich
The book examines the changing use of the shops and other buildings in Rathdowne Street, North Carlton, between Princes Street and Park Street, from the early 1870s through to the present day.

When Fish Had Feathers
Portraits of Collingwood's older men

Yarra: a diverting history
Kristin Otto

Jungle Balls with Diamonds: Portraits of Collingwood’s Younger Men and Women
Text by Andrew Lindsay in collaboration with the participants. Photographs by Chris Andjelic-Lane and the project participants.
This is the third book in the Oral Histories series produced by North Yarra Community Health about the Collingwood area.

Missionaries, Radicals, Feminists A History of North Yarra Community Health
Hamish Townsend

Carlton Voices
Margaret Rich (Editor)
Carlton Voices is an edited and illustrated collection of stories which reflect the immense diversity of our local history. It consists of researched articles as well as reports of interviews with people with a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds. Each "voice" describes its own Carlton in colourful detail. A Chinese family whose patriarch arrived here in 1855 experienced decades of discrimination which continued into World War 2. A woman who lives next door to the house where she was born almost 95 years ago remembers tearing up newspaper to use in the lavatory in the days when toilet paper was a luxury. The heyday of Italian Carlton is recalled by the children of the charismatic founder of the Australian Festival of Italian song. ISBN: 978-0-6484288-0-0

The Stockade : Carlton's forgotten prison and the people who inhabited it
Jeff Atkinson
One hundred and fifty years ago, the site of what is now the Carlton North Primary School was a prison - a low security gaol for petty offenders. Known as the Collingwood Stockade (the name 'Carlton' was not yet in use) it opened in 1853 and operated for 13 years until 1866, when it became an asylum for the insane, and later a school. This book tells the story of the Collingwood Stockade and the people who inhabited it – individuals who served their sentences there breaking up stones for 'road metal', warders, some of whom gained a notorious reputation, and the Superintendents who ran the place. The book resurrects a long forgotten aspect of Carlton's past – and gives a vivid picture of the penal system in Victoria at the time of the gold rush. ISBN: 978-0-6484288-1-7