Binge Bundles

Binge Bundles

Following the Premier's announcement on Monday 3 August, our Home Library and Binge Bundle services will cease from Thursday 6 August until further notice.
All current requests will be packed and delivered this week; unfortunately, no new Binge Bundle requests can be accepted.


Home delivery of bundled library materials to see you through the temporary closure of our libraries due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Libraries are a major support system for the education sector, providing resources for remote schooling, tertiary students and independent learners with English as an additional language. Libraries also offer support for the community by reducing boredom at home and helping maintain positive mental health through recreational reading/viewing and self-education.

With the temporary closure of our public libraries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yarra Libraries has introduced the home delivery of bundled library materials to its members who also reside within the City of Yarra municipality. ‘Binge Bundles’ are curated selections of binge-worthy library materials that can be reserved via an online form or over the phone. The bundles may contain up to 30 library items (depending on size and weight) and will be delivered safely in a cardboard box by a team of couriers.

Items borrowed within a Binge Bundle will continue to be automatically renewed as required, until our usual library services resume. We will advise when items can be returned to the library. Couriers are unable to accept library items for return. Our returns chutes are still closed until further notice.

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