Internet Use Policy


The purpose of the City of Yarra Libraries Internet use policy is to guide and support use by patrons of public access computers. The policy seeks to assure consistency with National and State laws and is applicable to all public computer users at Yarra Libraries.



The exclusive right granted by law for a certain term of years, to make and dispose of copies of, and otherwise control, a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work.

Policy statement

1. Access

Yarra Libraries provides public access computers at all of its libraries and wireless. All public access computers and wireless have access to the Internet and feature word processing software.

The library also provides access to a free wireless service.

2. Use of computers

Parental permission is required for individuals under the age of 18 who wish to use the public access computers and wireless independently. Parents/Guardians must sign the library membership form which acknowledges that they have read and understood the Yarra Libraries “Terms and Conditions of Use” for computer equipment available in the library.

3. Bookings

Bookings are taken for a maximum of one hour per day per person. To ensure equitable access of this service, one pre-booked session per day at each branch is permissible.

3.1 Wireless Access

To access wireless, users must log into a session using their own library card. Wifi access is only available during library opening hours. Users must log on to the wireless service using their library card number and PIN.

4. Privacy of Information - City of Yarra Privacy Policy applies using computers

To ensure that private information is not viewed by others, patrons should:

  • Only save a copy of a document to a flash drive or other portable storage device and not to the computer’s hard disk drive; and

  • Close the Internet browser or other applications in use before end of booking.

5. User Responsibility

5.1 General

  • Yarra Libraries branch staff continuously monitor public use of the internet in its branches. Assistance and advice on internet access is available from branch staff on request.

  • Users must not make any changes to the setup or configuration of the computers; this includes the loading of software applications including games and CD-ROMs.

  • The library reserves the right to restrict certain file types and download sizes.

  • Users will abide by the relevant clause in the Library Policy as it pertains to behaviour which may cause inconvenience or discomfort to any other person in the library, 6.1 states that:

    • A user must not behave in the library in such a manner as to cause in the opinion of the Librarian serious inconvenience or discomfort to any other person in the library.

    5.2 Access for Children (under 18 years old)

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for any use of the Internet/email by their children and for any sites which may be accessed. In accordance with the PLVN statement on Internet filtering and content regulation adopted in September 2006, Yarra Libraries does not provide filtering software.


  • The library does not have any control over the information accessible on the Internet. Some Internet sources may contain material which is inaccurate or which may cause offence to some people. The library does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of information on the Internet or for any consequences which may arise from the use of that information. In particular, parents and caregivers are encouraged to work with their children in using the Internet. Library staff are available to assist with children's information needs but the library does not accept responsibility for determining what they should access.

5.3 Copyright

All copyright requirements of materials accessed electronically are the responsibility of the user.Users shall be responsible for compliance with all international and national copyright laws.

5.4 Offensive Material

The intentional downloading and/or viewing of material that contains content considered to be offensive as defined by the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 1995 is not permissible. Offensive material includes, but is not limited to:

  • Obscene or harassing language or images;

  • Racial, ethnic, sexual, erotic or gender specific comments or images; and

  • Other comments or images that would offend someone on the basis of their religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, physical features, national origin or age (as defined in the Equal Opportunity Act).

6. Staff Assistance

Library staff are available to assist patrons with introductory information on internet access on request.

7. Breaches of library policy will result in:

  • A verbal explanation of the policy, its rationale and the procedures to be undertaken when it is breached, (first warning);

  • A written warning, detailing the nature of the breach, the time it occurred and procedures to be undertaken; and

  • Written notification of withdrawal of access to the Internet service.

The above are not necessarily to be applied in a required sequence. For instance a serious breach may result in a final withdrawal of access without a written warning action.

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