Game of Loans

Winter is coming... are you ready?

Starting Monday 20 April, our heroes will join forces to keep The Loansome Wolf safe in their cave until winter has passed.

Register for the Game of Loans: Winter is Coming Reading Challenge and work as a team to reach the monthly reading goal. Keep the wolf's cave stocked full of books or they will leave in search of something to read and might just find our heroes instead...

How it works:

  • Players register (link below) and can download our ebook and audiobook platforms (Borrowbox and CloudLibrary) for access to electronic resources if printed books are not available
  • Players read (or listen) and log their activity via the Beanstack Tracker app (or website) to help reach the monthly reading goal, displayed on the program homepage (sorry, not visible within the Beanstack Tracker mobile app)
  • Players can read print books, ebooks, magazines, comic books or listen to audiobooks to help reach the goal and may unlock badges for completing reading and book-related activities
  • Additional badges and challenges will be added each month

 Information for grown-ups

Game of Loans: Winter is Coming is a community-wide reading challenge intended to help sustain your child's literacy level while in isolation at home. This gamified experience draws parallels to current events to provide context and motivation for your child to read, though you might like to chat with your child about what they think the Wolf represents, and why it's important to keep them safe in their cave (at home).
The program will continue monthly until at least July 2020. Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear from you!


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