Game of Loans 

Battle it out against the other City of Yarra Houses and read throughout summer for your chance to win great prizes!


Pledge your allegiance to one of the five Houses and register a free Beanstack account to get started.

Parents/carers can also download the Beanstack Tracker app to keep track of their child's reading and help them unlock badges for their Beanstack profile.

From Monday 3 December, collect a Quest Map at any Yarra Libraries branch to start earning points and unlock badges for your Beanstack profile, or jump straight in and starting logging what you read.

Participate in our School Holiday Program (from January 2019) to earn more points for your House and visit the library for bonus points and challenges over summer.

The Game starts Monday 3 December and concludes on Sunday 27 January.  Registration is open now.



The House with the most points at the end of the program will have access to an exclusive prize:

1x Family Pass to the Melbourne Zoo's Roar n Snore Overnight Camping Trip, valued at $700. 

All members of the Winning House will be eligible to win this prize; the more points you earn, the more chances you have to win.

All participants (from all five Houses) will be eligible to win the following prizes:

1x Birthday Party hosted by The Little Bookroom, for up to 30 friends and family, valued at $500.

10x Village Cinema Movie Vouchers, valued at $20.

5x Readings Book Vouchers, valued at $20.

Reaching reading milestones and completing activities can provide additional chances to win. Parents and carers are welcome to participate and contribute points to their House, but only participants under 18 are eligible to win all prizes. Winners must also be eligible for library membership (if not already a member - proof of identity is required).

A raffle will be drawn after Monday 4 February to determine the winner of each prize, and will be notified via email or phone.

House Mascots


The Dragonslayers are dedicated to protecting Yarra from harm and listen to audiobooks while wrestling foes ten times their size! They are determined and fierce and won't let anything stop them from taking the crown!
The Elves of the North read chapter books about magical creatures and study the mystical art of macrame. These placid elves could be mistaken for an easy target, but as skilled archers they always know where to strike!
The Woodsfolk are prideful of the forest and read ebooks to save paper. They are mightily strong like vikings, despite being entirely landlocked.
The Highmountain Clerics keep a watchful eye over Yarra from their hideout in the mountains. Their knowledge of spelling and hex codes is unrivaled!
The Shadowhunters live in the far east and read horror novels under the covers at night. Some might say they have an evil streak, others say they are cunning and sly.

Join the Quest and start reading for your chance to win great prizes!