Sporty Reads

Sporty Reads for kids!


Sporty kids book coverSporty Kids Series

By Felice Arena (Age 5+)

This series covers the most-loved sports in this country, and features girls as well as boys as the main characters – a great series for kids just starting chapter books! 





Billie Sporty Stories book coverBillie's Sporty Stories

By Sally Rippin (Age 5+)

Join Billie B Brown in her three favourite sporty stories! Another prefect introduction to chapter books for young readers.







Tiny Timmy book cover

Tiny Timmy: Soccer Superstar

By Tim Cahill (Age 6+) 

After not making the side for his school’s soccer team Tim tries some unconventional ways to make himself taller with hilarious results! He finds the best thing to do is practise hard with his brothers and friends.





Kaboom Kid book cover

The Kaboom Kid: The Big Switch

By David Warner (Age 7+)

Meet Little Davey Warner – he is MAD for cricket. Davey and his friends have a big game coming up so they have to practise hard – spending all their free time at school to make sure they’ll be ready to face their arch rivals in the local comp.







Diary of a Tennis Prodigy

By Shamini Flint (Age 7+)

Marcus is a maths whiz who is not good at sport but his dad is a self-help author who thinks Marcus can achieve anything he sets his mind to. This time, it's tennis.







Game Day book cover

Game Day: Patty Hits the Courts

By Patty Mills (Age 7+)

A fantastic and fun basketball series by Australian Olympian and NBA star Patty Mills that will be sure to entertain young readers. 







Ellyse Perry Pocket Rocket

Ellyse Perry: Pocket Rocket

By Ellyse Perry and Sherryl Clark (Age 8+)

Meet Ellyse, all she wants to do is play sport! But now that she’s in high school, playing sport doesn’t seem to be so simple – not only is there more homework and electives to contend with, mean Mrs Parkes won’t let Ellyse on the school cricket team because she thinks Ellyse is too small.






Bring it on book coverPlay Like a Girl: Bring It On!

By Jo Stanley (Age 9+)

This story weaves the ordinary world of young girls with the thrill and excitement of AFL, relatable to all readers regardless of whether they are footy mad fans or not so sure.







Specky Magee book cover

Specky Magee

By Felice Arena & Garry Lyon (Age 9+)

Meet Simon “Specky” Magee – he is mad about Aussie Rules but his family seem to hate footy – so why is there a photo of him as a baby dressed in footy gear? Determined to find the truth, Specky uncovers more than he ever bargained for.







Netball Gems book cover

Netball Gems

By Bernadette Hellard and Lisa Gibbs (Age 9+)

It’s their first season together and the Marrang Under 13s team is finding its way – join them as they learn new skills, overcome nerves, make friends and play some amazing matches!







Roller Girl book cover

Roller Girl

By Victoria Jamieson (Age 10+)

A graphic novel adventure about a girl who discovers roller derby right as she and her best friend are growing apart.







Foiled book coverFoiled

By Jane Yolen (Age 10+)

Aliera Carstairs just doesn’t fit in. She’s always front and center at the fencing studio, but at schools she’s invisible…until Avery Castle walks into her first period biology class…







The whole of my world book cover

The Whole Of My World

By Nicole Hayes (Age 13+)

Desperate to escape her grieving father and harbouring her own terrible secret, Shelley disappears into the intoxicating world of AFL. Joining a motley crew of footy tragics and best of all, making friends with one of the star players.







The harper effect book cover

The Harper Effect

By Taryn Bashford (Age 14+)

Harper’s tennis dreams are collapsing, her coach is doubting her and her new doubles partner is moody and mysterious – what is he hiding? As Harper’s heart and dreams pull her in different directions, she has to figure out exactly what she wants, and just how hard she’s willing to fight to get it.






By Andrew Smith (Age 14+)

Meet Ryan Dean West, a fourteen year old boy at boarding school for rich kids. Follow his year as he deals with being in love with his best friend, bullies on the rugby team and an unthinkable event that might just make his world fall apart.