Alphabet Time

Alphabet Time 

Alphabet Time is based on Jolly Phonics – a phonics method of teaching children the sounds of the English language. Learning the sounds of language is an important step towards being able to read and write.

It is suggested that you and your child watch the sessions in order as they build on each other, however this can be left up to you and your child’s interest.

There are ideas suggested at the end of the session* that can help children to consolidate what they have learned. There are also some links below to resources which can help with further learning.

The most important thing is that children are supported to learn in a way that supports their individuality and learning style. The sessions are delivered in a multi-sensory way so that all children’s senses are attended to.

We hope you and your child find this a useful resource at a time when they may not be attending pre-school or early years primary school.

*Please note that the Letter T session has a different action than outlined in the Jolly Phonics Parent-Teacher Guide.

Alphabet Time #1 - the letter S

Alphabet Time #2 - the letter A

Alphabet Time #3 - the letter T

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