Reading with children about bushfires

Disasters can be particularly confusing for children, whether directly affected or further away. Not every child will want to talk about bushfires but for those who're confused, frightened or interested in more information, sharing a book can help create a safe space for those discussions.

Here are some resources that might be used to prompt those conversations.


Picture Books



Junior Non-Fiction




Junior Fiction



DVDs and Audiobooks



Digital Resources

Storybox Stories



Games and Activities

CFA Fire safe eLearning Game

Get Ready! Downloadable Activity Book

Birdie and the Fire Online Flipbook

After the emergency Downloadable Activity Book

Out of the Ashes Video (2009)



Websites/Web Resources

How to Prepare Kids for Emergencies

Talking to Children about bushfires

How to talk to your children about Australia's bushfire emergency

Emergency Preparedness Resources for parents and teachers

Talking to children about what is happening in Australia

Social Stories (includes stories on bushfires and evacuation)

Bushfire crisis hints and tips - supporting children, community and educators

Trauma: first response to help children