Fees and charges

It's free to join Yarra Libraries, borrow from our collections and use our computers and Wi-Fi facilities, however we do charge for damaged/lost items and printing/photocopying.

To pay any library fees online, please click here.


2022/2023 Prices

Damaged books

Cost + $13.00

Damaged magazines

Cost + $4.00

Lost item

Cost + $13.00

Lost card


Inter Library Loans



No charge

Internet access

No charge

Library bags




Library USBs


Library keep cups


Printing & Photocopying
A4 $0.20
A4 colour $1.10
A3 $0.40
A3 colour $2.10
Book Sales
Hardbacks $3.00
Paperbacks $1.55
Magazines $0.50
Bag of books $5.00
Credit card surcharge
(for all payments made by credit card)
Dishonoured cheque administration fee $37.65
Dishonoured direct debt administration fee $37.65