Suggest a library Item

We appreciate patron feedback and collection development suggestions for newly published materials.

Suggest a library item

We welcome suggestions for items that are not already part of Yarra Libraries' collection. 

To suggest an item for our collection, visit our catalogue and click on 'Send a Request' at the top of the page.

Then log into with your library card and PIN to suggest a library item to be purchased for our collection. 


Before you request an item

Customer Suggestion Guidelines
Your suggestion will be evaluated against the selection criteria in our Collection Development Policy. 
  • Items published in the last 2 years
  • Items to the value of $55 for Fiction and $75 for Non Fiction
  • Item is in print and readily available from our library suppliers
  • Age and currency
  • Quality and Format
Materials not generally acquired:
  • Textbooks (school or university, technical or professional)
  • Materials only available in inappropriate formats, e.g. mini-books, spiral binding
  • Items prohibited by law, e.g. pornography
  • Items due for publication or release more than 3 months in advance cannot be processed. Requests need to be submitted closer to the date of availability

If you are looking for a novel and it is not found in our catalogue please check the list of adult fiction authors in our standing order lists:

The library automatically receives copies of newly published titles written by the authors named in these lists. A hold may be placed on the title once it appears on the catalogue.

View our Fiction Author Standing Order List here

View our Non Fiction Series and Travel Series Standing Order Lists here

The Library reserves the right to make final decisions based on professional judgement, cost, relevance and potential use of any suggested materials.
If the item is more than 2 years old or falls outside our Customer Suggestion Guidelines, please check LibraryLink and we can attempt to obtain it through our Inter Library Loan request process.
  • To suggest an item for our collection, visit our catalogue and click on 'Send a Request' at the top of the page.
  • If an item is not selected for acquisition, a message will be added to your library membership communicating this information
  • For items acquired, a Hold (reservation) will be placed on your library membership on your behalf
  • Most items are acquired within a 3 month timeframe, but some may take longer, dependent on availability