The Ewing Trust

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Thomas Adam Ewing (1833 – 1879) was the driving force behind the establishment of the Fitzroy Free Public Library. Believing that it was important for members of the community to develop their intellectual life, he launched a library fund and encouraged donations of books.  The bequest allows the development and presentation of a range of events and projects that promote Fitzroy as a centre of arts, literature, cultural heritage and life-long learning.

The Ewing Trust was endowed by Margaret Ewing Cutten after her death, on 30 March 1991, in memory of her grandfather Thomas, her father Samuel, and her brother George. It contributes to programs and collections at Fitzroy Library, and enables us to employ a dedicated program facilitator.

The Trust has enabled us to host a variety of events and workshops, including best-selling author talks and lectures from respected thinkers, to all-inclusive family fun days and community festivals.
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