'Connected Community' iPad lending program

 Two members of staff are holding iPads next to the Yarra Libraries van.

Yarra Libraries is proud to introduce 'Connected Community', an iPad lending program funded by the State Government aimed at bridging the digital divide within our community. This program lends iPads and portable modems to library patrons over the age of 55 and those with disabilities. 

Loans will be subject to availability and eligibility requirements. Successful applicants must pick up the iPad in person and participate in a 30-45 minute induction with a library team member.

As part of the program, you'll get the following: 
  • iPad Kit on a 6 week loan 
  • Initial 30-45 minute handover session 
  • On-going access to our 1-on-1 digital help sessions 
  • Basic iPad user guide 
  • 30-45 Minute handback session

iPad Kit list: 

  • iPad 10th Gen or iPad 7th Gen 
  • Wireless 4g Modem with Free Wi-Fi sim card 
  • Micro USB cable (for modem) 
  • USB-C wall adapter 
  • USB-C charging cable 
To be eligible, you need to be a:
  • Full member of Yarra Libraries 
  • Aged 55 and over or have an on-going disability  

If you, a family member or neighbour could benefit from this program, please call us on 1300 695 427 or fill out our expression of interest form.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at: [email protected]