Local history resources

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    To search our online photographic collection select Digital Collections in the drop down menu on our catalogue.

  • City of Yarra Heritage

    Information about heritage overlays in the City of Yarra.

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  • The History of Your House

    How to get started finding out the history of your home.

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  • Family History Resources

    Print and online resources offering free access to ancestry and genealogy databases.

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  • PastPort Yarra

    Developed with the University of Melbourne, PastPort Yarra is a mobile website that allows you to discover the rich history of Yarra.

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  • Local History Puzzles

    Unwind with these digital puzzles made with photos from our local history archive.

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  • Local History Books for Sale

    Books available for purchase at Yarra Libraries branches.

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  • Local History Societies

    Here you will find contact details of local history societies. 

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  • History Matters

    Do you need help with your family or local history research? Book a one-on-one session with a staff member.

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Library Resources and Publications

All branches of Yarra Libraries have a physical Local History collection. Larger collections are held in the Richmond, Fitzroy and Collingwood libraries, with smaller collections available at Carlton and Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy libraries.

We also offer a suite of digital resources to help you find out more about the history of your local area, your house, or your family history.

Contact our Local History Team with a request.



Library-based Collections

Yarra libraries house a wide collection of resources and publications. Allow plenty of time for your research, as most items in this collection are for use in the library only. Members can only borrow items from the Local History collection when multiple copies are held.


Collections are held at Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton and also available for viewing online through TROVE.

We also maintain an online photographic collection. To search that collection, select Local History from the side menu on our Catalogue, then select Historical Photographs.


Council rates books

  • Richmond Council rate books, 1857-1980 (microfiche) Richmond Library
  • Richmond Council rates records 1857-1875 (DVD) Richmond Library
  • Collingwood Council rate books (includes Clifton Hill)' 1864 - 1984 (microfilm & microfiche) Fitzroy Library
  • Collingwood Council rate books 1864-1900 online through Ancestry.com
  • City of Fitzroy rate books, 1858-1949 (microfilm) and 1958-1973 (digital) Fitzroy
  • City of Fitzroy rate books 1858-1900 online through Ancestry.com
  • City of Melbourne Valuations 1843-1861 (microfiche Fitzroy)
  • City of Melbourne Rate Books 1851-1900 (microfiche Fitzroy)

Postal Directories

Available at Fitzroy Library and Richmond Library

  • Sands & Kenny Melbourne directory 1857-1861
  • Sands & McDougall postal directories 1862-1974
  • Wise's Victoria Post Office directory 1884-1899
  • Port Phillip/Victoria directory 1839-1867
  • Bailliere's Victorian Directory 1868-1881

Electoral rolls

Available at Fitzroy Library and Richmond Library

  • Victoria, electoral roll 1856,1903,1908,1912
  • Victorian electoral roll & Federal referendum 1899
  • Victoria, electoral roll, 1903
  • Victoria, electoral roll 1908
  • Victoria, electoral roll 1912
  • Victoria, electoral roll 1984

Newspapers on microfilm or microfiche

  • Clarion 1980-1985 (Richmond Library)
  • Clifton Hill Gazette 1888 (Richmond Library)
  • Clifton Hill Leader 1888-9 (Richmond Library)
  • Collingwood and Fitzroy Courier 1949-58 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Collingwood and Fitzroy Mercury 1875-1903 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Collingwood Observer 1862-1909 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Fitzroy City Press 1881-1920 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Native Companion 1907 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Richmond Advocate 1972-1975 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Australian 1861-1916. (1878-9 missing) (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Guardian 1878-1936 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Hawthorn Camberwell Chronicle 1932-1945 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Hawthorn Camberwell Weekly 1930-1932 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond News 1946-66 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Recorder 1970-1971 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Scene 1978-1980 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Voice 1975-1977 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Weekly 1927-1930 (Richmond Library)
  • Star Pictorial 1957 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Tribune 1894-1906 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Times 1937-39 (Richmond Library)
  • The Tatler (a Melbourne paper) (1897, 1898) (Fitzroy Library)
  • The Woodsman 1967 (Fitzroy Library)

Newspapers in bound volumes

  • Collingwood and Fitzroy Courier 1961-1971 (Richmond Library)
  • Collingwood, Fitzroy & Carlton Courier 1958-1960 (Richmond Library)
  • The Courier 1951-1973 (Fitzroy Library)
  • The Digger 1975 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Fitzroy City Press 1889-1907 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Melbourne Times 1969-1990 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Melbourne Times 1971-current (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Melbourne Leader 1991-current 1991-1993 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Advocate Dec 1972 - Jul 1975 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond News Jul - Oct 1992 (Richmond Library)
  • Richmond Scene Oct 1978 - May 1980 (Richmond Library)
  • The Voice Apr - Nov 1989 (Richmond Library)
  • The Woodsman 1967-1968 (Fitzroy Library)
  • Yarra Leader Sept 1994 (Fitzroy Library, Richmond Library)

Births, deaths & marriages records

The Victorian Birth, Death and Marriage records can now be accessed online at https://www.bdm.vic.gov.au


  • Births, Victoria 1853-1913 (Richmond)
  • Deaths, Victoria 1854-1980 (Richmond)
  • Marriages, Victoria 1853-1930 (Richmond)
  • Marriages, South Australia 1917-1937 (Richmond)
  • Marriages, Tasmania, 1900-1919 (Richmond)


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