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Tony Birch on Love, Grief, Trauma and Tenacity in The White Girl

In 'The White Girl', Tony Birch tells the story of Odette Brown raising her granddaughter Sissy on the fringes of a small country town. When the menacing Sergeant Lowe arrives, any freedom that Odette and Sissy enjoy comes under grave threat.

In conversation with Laura La Rosa, Tony speaks of domesticity, love, trauma, grief, and some of the true stories of the Stolen Generation that informed 'The White Girl'.

This is an edited recording of a live event held at Richmond Library.

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Sally Gray on Friends, Fashion, Fabulousness: The Making of an Australian Style

If there was ever anyone qualified to speak authoritatively about Fabulousness, it’s writer and cultural historian Dr. Sally Gray. Linking fashion, art, sexual politics and diverse urban subcultures, her latest book traces how four friends: fashion designers Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee, and artists David McDiarmid and Peter Tully, came together and formed a vibrant cultural milieu. Starting in the streets of Melbourne’s inner north, her discussion with fashion curator Laura Jocic circles the world before landing firmly home in the midst of the Whitlam election, gay liberation and the making of a distinct Australian style.

This is an edited recording. Our theme is Add And by Broke for Free.

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Jason Chongue's Plant Society

Jason Chongue didn’t want to ruin gardening by making it his job, but starting The Plant Society has brought the therapeutic joys of gardening to a brand new cohort. In ‘Place Society: Create an Indoor Oasis for Your Urban Space’ and ‘Green: Plants for Small Spaces, Indoors and Out’ he demystifies gardening, and makes certain people aren’t afraid to make mistakes.

This is an edited recording of our live event at Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library, where he discussed his first book with Collections and Reader Development Librarian (and plant murderer), Meaghan Dew.

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