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Yarra Libraries Strategic Plan

Yarra Libraries help to build an inclusive, resilient and connected community. Whether you are a resident of our public housing estates, a student, a parent or an older person, our libraries provide services and spaces for all. We recognise now, more than ever, the need to connect with one another and to foster a lifelong love of learning, reading, playing and creating. Learn more about the principles, values and themes that guide our service in our latest strategic plan.

Yarra Libraries Strategic Plan 2022-2026



Yarra Libraries Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2016-17



Yarra Libraries Policy 2019

Yarra Libraries Policy outlines the rights and responsibilities that inform membership and use of our service. The policy covers admission and use of facilities (including internet access), membership requirements, borrowing limits, and conduct in the library.

Library Policy 2019



Yarra Libraries Learning Framework

Our strategic plan for 2013–2016, outlines our aim to explore and create a dynamic model for learning and creativity that is specifically for the Yarra community. To focus and support these efforts, Yarra Libraries has developed a Learning Framework, which sets the scene for Yarra’s library services into the future.

The framework supports development of a range of programs around the 3 literacies (reading, information and digital), and encourage strong partnerships with alternate community learning providers.

Yarra Libraries Learning Framework 2015



Yarra Libraries Local History Collection Development Policy

The Yarra Libraries Local History Collection is of central importance in supporting and enriching the community’s understanding of its local identity as well as the past which
has shaped the present. The acquisition, conservation and organization of these resources, prior to making them appropriately accessible for different levels of community need, is a primary responsibility of Yarra, one which cannot be appropriately shared with other Library services.

Yarra Libraries Local History Collection Policy