How to Stay Engaged in a Climate Crisis

Wednesday 14 August 2019

How to Stay Engaged to Act in a Climate Crisis: Strategies from psychology and community activism

Psychological science can help people come to terms with the implications of climate change so that they can stay engaged and be part of the collective action needed to restore a safe climate.

Psychologist and researcher, Dr Susie Burke, will share some insights and provide strategies to help attendees more effectively engage with the climate crisis. She will also share approaches to help parents and children discuss climate change and help them build a sense of agency in a climate changed world.

Teryn Crick, Community Organising Program Manager from the Australian Conservation Foundation will discuss how they’re building a wave of people who care about the climate crisis into powerful, organised communities who are pushing for real change. 

Local secondary students will share their experiences taking climate action, followed by a Q&A panel discussion with the speakers and students.

A joint event between the City of Yarra, Yarra Libraries and the Ewing Trust to coincide with National Science Week.

Location & Contacts

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Fitzroy Town Hall

Date and time:
6:30pm - 8.30pm
Wednesday 14 August 2019

201 Napier St Fitzroy