Refresh Indie Videogames Weekender

Saturday 09 November 2019

Join us for a celebration of indie videogame-making with playful and accessible games, interactive workshops and a hands-on showcase of local creativity and innovation from the developers themselves.

Presented by Yarra LibrariesBar SKPlayReactive and Freeplay.

Fitzroy Town Hall Reading Room (enter via Fitzroy Library)


FlatJam • Fitzroy Town Hall Reading Room 
Start with a memory then use crayon, ink, speech and clay to build up a unique video game from scratch in Unity. Presented by Bar SK. 

Best of Freeplay • Fitzroy Town Hall Reading Room 
A showcase of five of the most exciting recent local videogames, curated by Chad Toprak, director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival.

Plus: A LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION at 3PM with local developers, a showcase of games made at Yarra Libraries and networking opportunities for games lovers, aspiring developers and local businesses.

Don't miss: Line Wobbler: a multi-award winning, one-dimensional dungeon crawler made of nothing more than a five-metre-long LED landing strip, a joystick and pure genius.

Bookings essential.

Accessible entrance via the courtyard off Condell Street. Please call 130 695 427 if you require lift access.

If you have accessibility questions or requirements, please contact us at [email protected] or on 1300 695 427.


Event Details

Fitzroy Town Hall

Date and time:
10am - 4pm
Saturday 09 November 2019

Reading Room - 201 Napier St, Fitzroy 3065