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Thursday 27 January 2022

A darkened photo of a library shelf has superimposed text reading "Five ways to get your book discussion fix at Yarra Libraries". There is a purple heart logo above that reads "For the love of literature"

Love talking about books? So do we! Here’s five great ways you can get your fix and talk books at Yarra Libraries.

1. The Short Story Club

Pressed for time? Want to join a book club but not sure about the commitment? Our Short Story Club might be the one for you! Every month we pick out an excellent short story or piece of narrative non-fiction and then discuss it on Zoom, with daytime and evening slots to suit all schedules! One of the organisers Meaghan puts it well when she says: “The first thing that draws people to The Short Story Club is time - they feel like they want to read more but they might not necessarily have the time to do so. But I think the reason that people say is the sort of connection and the discussion.” In March we'll be discussing Stepmother by SJ Norman. Register to attend here.

2. Start your own book discussion with our book group sets!

Ever been in a book group and struggled to find enough copies in time? Maybe the book’s out on loan at your library service and you’re anxiously waiting for it to come back. Maybe you’re pushing it for time so you end up buying it. Don’t be silly - just request a book group set! Our book group sets come with 10 copies of the title and you can choose from over 100 critically acclaimed, discussion provoking or just fun to read books! Sound good? Head here to fill out the registration form and start borrowing our book group sets for free! 

3. Talking (about) Books

Fancy a cuppa and a chat about books but like to carve your own path? This is the session for you! We host a monthly online Zoom discussion where we talk about what we’ve read, what we’re reading, and what we’d like to read. Think of something you’ve read that fits the discussion theme and come prepared to share it with your fellow reading enthusiasts. And if nothing comes to mind, feel free to join in anyway just for the recommendations! Warning: your to-be-read list will grow! Find out our theme for March and register to attend here.

4. Come to our author talks!
We always have questions after we're done with a book, and sometimes it's best to go straight to the source! We regularly hold author talks in-person and online, including the popular First Book Club with our friends at Kill Your Darlings. Find all our events here, and sign up to our regular e-newsletter to get a curated scoop on any new events we've just added.

5. Check out the Yarra Libraries Podcast

Like your book discussion on the go? Check out our podcast for a variety of pre-recorded author talks and much more. You'll find recordings from some of our events like the Fitzroy Writers Festival and our Kill Your Darlings First Book Club, plus dedicated interviews with a variety of amazing Australian authors. Listen on Soundcloud, Spotify or find us on Apple Podcasts.

We hope you found something new on this list, but that's not all! Our librarians are voracious readers and we regularly quiz them about their latest page turners, so don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to find out what we've been reading lately and tell us what you thought of it.



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