Helping our community get a fresh start at work

Friday 20 May 2022

Nell is one of the librarians delivering our popular Resume Rescue service
We’ve been helping community members get a new start at work with the help of our Resume Rescue service at Yarra Libraries.

Launched in response to frequent requests for librarians to help with resumes, the service allows people to book a free 45 minute appointment and receive one-on-one assistance and advice from a librarian.

Covering anything from resumes to cover letters, key selection criteria answers and interview skills preparation - a common theme is that participants are thankful to have another set of eyes to look at their application.

Todd, one of the librarians who delivers Resume Rescue says “most of the time what people are seeking is someone to help them find perspective”, adding that the work can often be to re-motivate and re-invigorate people who are at a loss with how to proceed in their job search.

That encouragement and outside point of view can prove invaluable, with one participant noting that the librarian reminded them of their strong experience in the field they were applying for, adding that “this gave me the confidence to believe in myself”.

A key feature of the service is its personalised approach, which can prove especially useful for those who may not feel as confident in group environments like a workshop.

“Delivering sessions one on one means we can create space for people to feel more comfortable with talking about themselves and can more easily offer targeted support. One size doesn’t fit all” says Todd.

For Todd, who moved to Australia from New Zealand before eventually finding work with Yarra Libraries, his past experiences have helped him relate to the challenges that many job seekers face.

“I applied for over fifty jobs before I found work, then had to go back to doing junior casual library jobs just to stay in the industry. I know how demoralising it is looking for work and I understand how without hope it can be sometimes, trying to build a life in a country where you don’t have social security support to fall back on.”

When library staff hear from participants who have found work it’s a reminder of the value that libraries offer to the community. Nell, another librarian who delivers Resume Rescue sessions says: “There’s no better feeling than being able to positively impact someone’s life and help them realise their dreams.”

Todd notes that sometimes staff don’t get to see the results unless the participant is also a regular library user, so hearing that the work they put in makes a difference is always appreciated. “Seeing that the expertise I’ve developed is making a difference reassures me and makes me feel valued too”.

If you or someone you know would benefit from a Resume Rescue session - click here to request a free one-on-one Resume Rescue session with a Yarra Libraries staff member.

Wanting help from home? Library members can also access free online writing feedback on assignments, resumes and covver letters through our subscription to Studiosity.

Resume Rescue testimonials:

“As a fresh graduate who had never worked in Australia before, I had a difficult time looking for a full-time job. I'm very grateful for the resources Yarra Libraries have provided… which I used to revise my CV, [cover letter] and to prepare for job interview[s]. Nell and Todd… offered me tremendous help… exploring my skill sets and strength[s]. I got an interview… and secured a position within a month after I [used the services] … [which is] my first job. It wouldn't [have been] possible without… [their] help...”

“I am very happy and grateful… [for]… the support… I [did sessions] by Zoom which was very convenient and Nell was very supportive, professional and very nice as English is not my first language… she listened and tried to understand my career history and based on that she [helped me] fix my old resume and cover letter. I strongly recommend the Resume Rescue, especially for foreign people because sometimes you do not feel confident to talk and if you have someone who listens and… understands you [it makes] all the difference.”

“A friend introduced me to Resume Rescue and what I learnt is invaluable. I made an appointment online through the library website, which was very easy, and everything else just fell into place. I thought my resume was well prepared but wondered why I wasn’t getting replies, until I spoke with Todd. He was able to guide me in a way which was easy to understand and was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. As soon as I reconstructed my resume with Todd’s help… I immediately put it to the test and applied for some jobs. It wasn’t long before I began to get replies from recruiters and was able to get a job offer.”

“Todd is very reassuring. He gave me a lot of confidence and I’ll never forget his words, ‘You will find a job in your chosen career because you have the experience'. This… gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I highly recommend… Resume Rescue to anyone currently seeking employment and [who needs] assistance with writing their resume.”

“Being able to have my resume which I wasn’t feeling that confident about looked at by Nell was [a] key factor in getting me an interview and the role of a library officer on the Working for Victoria scheme in Boroondara which has been a fantastic opportunity for me over the last six months.”

“I thoroughly recommend the Rescue Resume program at Yarra Libraries. I've recently finished a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics and commenced another Graduate Certificate in Data Science. My old resume was based on more than 20 years in one industry, and I needed to highlight my new post-grad education and transferable skills. I found [Todd’s] advice invaluable on how to structure my career summary and key skills. I was also given good advice on how to make my work experience more relevant to the Data Science industry. I used my new resume to apply for the 2022 Australian Government Graduate program in the Data stream. The Data stream had over 2,400 applications nationally and I was very lucky to be offered a job after five interview stages. To be offered the first job I applied for with my new resume during COVID is a fantastic outcome. Thank you, Yarra Libraries, for your resume advice, as [you helped me] secure a dream job.”


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