Reading Lists


These reading lists have been curated by our librarians to help educate and start discussion with kids of all ages.


Australia Reads

Need some help choosing school books? Check out this list of award-winning books, selected with help from Leesa from The Little Bookroom.


First Nations Recommended Reads

We love stories! And here are Yarra Libraries we reckon we're pretty lucky to live in a country with one of the oldest storytelling traditions in the world, dating back thousands of years. Check out this list where you'll find stories and non-fiction for people of various age groups.


eSmart Stories

Staying safe online is an important part of using the Internet. Children need lots of guidance from adults to help them to be e-Smart. Conversations with children around topics such as: using technology safely; communicating online; and being safe about making online friends are just some of the issues that children and adults need to grapple with.


Bushfires Booklists and Resources

Disasters can be particularly confusing for children, whether directly affected or further away. Not every child will want to talk about bushfires but for those who're confused, frightened or interested in more information, sharing a book can help create a safe space for those discussions.


Sporty Reads

Sporty reads for kids of all ages!


Starting School Picture Books

Start the conversation about starting preschool and prep.


Potty-Training Books

Assist a child learning how to potty-train with these books for both children and guardians.


Transport Books

Use board books and picture books to teach children about transport and construction.


Interactive Picture Books

Interactive picture books help to teach children certain tools with the use of participation and interaction.


Wordless Books

With wordless picture books, readers take an active part in bringing each story to life by using their own words combined with the visual clues and imagery from the artist.